Jan Stapleton

“Too much of a good thing, can be wonderful” and “ I was compared to Snow White, but I drifted”  spoken by Mae West have been motivators for me. Being true to yourself plus finding humour in situations make for an enjoyable ride.

Back in the day, I studied music and learned the importance of creating emotion.This lead to a career in teaching the arts, music, theatre, drama and eventually fine art.
“Every artists was first an amateur” spoken by Ralph Waldo Emerson kept things real for me. Variety of mediums is my spice of life. Each creating its own story while expressing an aspect or challenge in that phase of my life. If I can add dangly bits, even better.

I love to feel, love texture and love colour ( even though I only wear black).

Watching the reaction of students and audiences is my encouragement to continue. Being able to make others smile is my reward. I do this through mixed media. Keeping in mind, the only iron I own is to melt wax and needles are used to hold up memos.

Being passionate, always evolving, influenced by family and friends have inspired me to keep a pictorial representation of my life. I will leave you with an Oscar Wilde quote. “ I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train”.