Ann Totten

I have been sewing since a young girl. However all of my sewing back then was clothes. Of course when you grow up, get married and have children, the sewing machine sort of gets forgotten.

After moving to Glen Williams and the children growing up it was time to dust the machine off, or more correctly to buy a new machine with all of those new, wonderful stitches in it. My neighbour introduced me to the quilt guild in town. That most certainly broadened my outlook on what could be done on a machine.

After a few years I had met several friends who were branching out even further. They had formed a small fibre art group and I was invited to join them. This has been a great learning experience. We foster each other and bounce many ideas off of one another as well as challenging our boundaries.

I find many of my inspirations for pieces come from photos that I have taken on various trips. I enjoy making them into fibre art pieces that I can put on my walls and so remember the wonderful experiences I have had.